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By on March 27, 2015

One of the things librarians do is weeding. Weeding is the removal of materials that don’t circulate, that are old and worn, and that are out of date, like those 1956 Encyclopedia Brittanicas that you can find in your grandmother’s attic.  Weeding is a sensitive subject, and not everyone likes to do it. For me, weeding is an art. Sometimes I pull a book that hasn’t circulated in a while and rather than discard it, I find a way to promote it, display it, get it to circulate more. I have some nifty ideas I hope to show you soon. Weeding is also informative; it tells me what is getting circulated and what doesn’t, which helps guide me when ordering for the collection.

One last word on weeding. Many times people are upset that books are leaving the library, fearing that they are getting thrown away. I assure you they aren’t. They are sent to another company, where people can buy and enjoy them some more. Just because a book or movie leaves the library doesn’t mean it’s useful life is over. We are all about sharing information and entertainment. Weeding is just one more way we get to do that, and allows us to bring in new materials for you.



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