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By on March 9, 2017

It’s time for Spring Break again, and we have some GREAT programs this year. One I want to highlight in particular is the Perot Museum will be bringing SCIENCE TO THE LIBRARY! I’m pretty excited, can you tell? Here’s what they have in store for us on Wednesday, March 15, 10:30 AM -12:30 PM.

Station 1: Robot Sculptures (make & take)

-Use a variety of everyday materials to create a small robot sculpture to take home. The TECH Truck staff will teach you about electrical circuits and teach you how to add a small LED and battery to make your sculpture light up!

Station 2: Wind Tube (make & take)

-Create your own flying object from recycled materials and see how it flies in our homemade wind tube. Try to make something that will fly in different ways, such as spinning, floating, or twisting.

Station 3: Ozobots

-Practice coding by using Ozobots, color-sensing robots that will follow paths that you draw for them. By utilizing different color combinations, you can have the Ozobots execute different commands, like spinning, speeding up, slowing down, and more.

Station 4: Makey Makey/Raspberry Pi Arcade

-Play a variety of simple and complex games built by the TECH Truck staff. Each of the games uses Makey Makey in different ways. You can even play our retro arcade cabinets built using Makey Makey and Raspberry Pi! The educators will talk about Makey Makey, how our games were constructed, and how you can make your own games at home.

 Station 5: Starship Builder Game

-Design your own 8-bit starship using our in-house Python game. Choose from a variety of elements to build your perfect ship and see how it flies in our computer-generated asteroid field. TECH Truck educators can talk with people about coding with Python and other programs that can be created using the programming language.

Station 6: Keva Block Building

-Work with others to create large-scale structures using Keva planks—a simple building set that challenges you to think in three dimensions!


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