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Roanoke Writers’ Conference 2017

By on September 29, 2017

Registration is now open for our third annual writers’ conference (October 27-28)! Check out the details on our page here.

Ticket prices:

Saturday (adult): $35.00
Saturday (teen): $20.00
Friday night…

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Writing Prompt #12

By on March 13, 2017

This week’s writing prompt is “The Last Moment of Childhood.” Write a story, short or long, about this prompt, and include the following: Halloween, surprise, refrigerator, contribute, pier, bird,…

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Indie Author Brunch

By on March 8, 2017

On March 18, 10:30 to 12:30, come and chat with independent authors, listen to their stories, and pick their brains on everything you’ve ever wanted to know about self-publishing!…

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Writing Prompt #11

By on February 22, 2017

This week’s writing prompt: Write the story “A Day in the Life” and include the following: identical, library, pot roast, amnesia, decorate, butcher, sign, submit, abuse, and sensation. Writing…

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Writing Prompt #10

By on February 13, 2017

Today at the amusement park. Include the following in your story: Ferris wheel, assumption, revive, exceed, dinosaur, narrow, split, snickerdoodle, disk, and join. And as a reminder, we have…

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Writing Prompt #9 – Friends on the Town

By on February 6, 2017

Welcome to week 9’s writing prompt

Write a story about “Friends on the Town” and include the following: pizza, rip, booth, Buffalo wings, college, chiffon, restore, restore, butcher, collection, and…

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Writing Prompt for the week

By on February 2, 2017


Sorry I am SO late on this, it’s been a busy week. Today’s writing prompt is “The Year is 2563 …” Include the following: space station, lipstick, knuckle, transformation,…

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New feature! Weekly writing prompts for those who need a little encouragement

By on January 23, 2017

Hi there! Alicia here. I have a creative journaling group that meets once a month and I give them writing prompts weekly on our Facebook group. Since some people…