Summer Reading

Welcome to this year’s summer reading adventure!

Use the button above to visit the Readsquared homepage, where you can register or login to your account and update your hours. You can also download the app for iOS or Android.
  • Program begins June 3 and ends July 27
  • Kick-off on June 8 @ 10:30am
  • Free, and open to all ages
  • Get prizes for every 5 hours you read
  • Read whatever you want! (comic, audio books, magazines, and blogs count, too!)
  • No library card required!
  • SUMMER READING BEGINS: 6/3/19 (start clocking hours today)
  • SUMMER KICK-OFF EVENT: 6/8/19 @ 10:00 am
  • PRIZE TABLE OPENS: 6/10/19
  • SUMMER READING ENDS: 7/27/19 (last day to collect prizes)
  • SUMMER READING CELEBRATION 8/10/19 @10:30am (details TBA)

If you have any questions that aren’t answered here on our website, be sure to contact us either by phone (817-491-2691) or email (, or you can message us on any of our social media accounts. You may also request assistance at the library any time during our opening hours.


We have reading programs for all ages! Some of them overlap, for instance, a pre-teen going into the 6th grade may choose either the Children’s or Teen program, but they may only register for one at a time.

  • Children (birth to age 12)
  • Teens (11-18)
  • Adults (18+)

1. To begin, click on the button above to visit our ReadSquared homepage. From there, click on “Register now” by the login section.

2. On the registration screen you’ll have the option to register individually, or as a family. 

3. If you want to register an individual, click “myself.” Then you’ll be prompted for your age, and which program you wan to sign up for. Fill out the registration information on the next screen. You’ll create a username and password. An email address is optional, unless the individual is a child under 13. Then a parent email address is required. On this screen you’ll also have the option to sign up for book recommendations based on your reading preferences! After that, you’ll be brought to your main account dashboard. You’re finished!


1. On the ReadSquared registration page, choose the option “myself and children.”

2. Create your account first! Choose your age and “Adult 2109 SRP” from the drop-down lists.

3. Enter YOUR information and create a username and password. No email address required!

4. Select child #1’s age and reading program, the enter their information on the next page. (No need to create a separate username, you can manage the whole family from one account!)

5. If you need to add another child, click “continue” and repeat step four. Otherwise click “finished” and you’ll be taken to your account screen!

Tip: You can go back and add children’s accounts even if you’ve signed up with an individual account. Just select “add child account” from the “My Account” menu. You can even link existing accounts!

  • If you have multiple accounts in a family group, you can choose between them under the “Family Members” dropdown
  • Your Inbox will show notifications from all connected accounts
  • You may opt in to receive text message notifications. To do this, click “Texting Options” under the My Account dropdown.
  • Check out all of our summer activities by clicking on the Events tab.

You may begin logging minutes on June 3. More information coming soon.

Missions are multi-part challenges that may include reading from special lists, attending events, and other activities. You complete these activities in a variety of ways, from a simple checkbox to secret codes! Once all the required activities are done, and you’ve completed your mission, you may earn special badges! Some of these badges and missions also mean extra prizes. You can find all of the details on your account after the program begins.

As you read, complete missions, or earn badges, you will be awarded points. The points for missions and badges change depending on the activity, but all participants earn 60 points for every hour that you read, and earn a new level after every 300 points, or 5 hours.

You can spend these points in raffles, which you’ll find in ReadSquared. If you’ve participated in any Roanoke Public Library Summer Reading Clubs in the past, these are our Prize Packages. Each age program has multiple packages you can enter to win by buying tickets with your points. 1 ticket costs 300 points. We will draw and notify winners for those packages after July 27 when the program is completed.

As you earn levels and badges, you may win other prizes (you’ll see those notifications in your account inbox). You may pick up these prizes at the library throughout the summer at our Prize Table on certain days and times of the week. Here are our table hours:

Monday: 11am-8pm
Wednesday: 4pm-8pm
Friday & Saturday: 10:30am-5:30pm